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Torra Capital Management

About Us

Torra Capital Management is a Singapore based Investment Advisory firm. We are expert for Hedge Fund Investment and Real estate in Japan specially for Japanese hotel acquisitions.
We also support for start up companies who are seeking for investors at each stage from early stage to late stage.


Our Philosophy & Service

Our policy is "same boat" together with investors and have same incentive.
​WE have much private deals in Japanese Hotels and startup companies.

​Hedge Fund 

We provide a valuable research for Hedge funds. 

Our hedge fund universe is multiple from Equity Long short to Macro even for Crypt Currency.
We committed to our clients to find appropriate hedge fund for their portfolio.


And we also provide preferable investment scheme.

Most of our hedge fund partners are  not big but very well in the market.

We seek “Real alpha” in the market.

Angel Investment and VC Advisory
For CVC or Start Up

We built strong relationship with start up companies from seed to late stage round. We arrange good much between start up companies and investors like VC, CVC and PE, specially in Japan and Asia.
We are also Angel investor for start up.

Our core companies in portfolio are below.

​Real Estate Investment Adviser
​Real Estate Investment

We are specialist for Japanese hotel acquisitions.

There are many private deals. 


We work as loan arranger, we have strong relationship with Japanese bank.
If real estate investors need mortgage from Japanese banks.
​We work for investors as loan adviser. The rate is generally between 1.0% and 4% in JPY base.  


Torra Capital Management PTE.LTD

Office: 192 WaterLoo Street #05-01, Sky Line Building Singapore 187966

TEL: +65 9469 4856



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